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Motivation: Always Worth the Effort

A little motivation goes a long way!
August 20, 2019

Sure, you have bigger things to think about, like keeping your agency profitable, so why should you have to worry about keeping your employees motivated? If you manage with this state of mind, your staff will be made up of people who show up (most of the time), do the work (most of the time) and have a good idea of what it takes to NOT get fired (most of the time). Your superstars will move on and your potential superstars will watch the clock by day and surf employment sites by night.

Treated well, your employees are more invested in the success of your business. People are more innovative and more open with their ideas. A motivated staff will put extra effort into keeping your agency moving ahead. Make your employees' jobs meaningful and they’ll give it their all because they want to.

A little motivation goes a long way! Noteveryone is motivated by the same things, but here are some universals to let your staff know you appreciate them:

  1. Say “Thank you” and mean it.
  2. Let people know specifically how their contributions are helping the agency.
  3. Talk and listen, not necessarily just about work.
  4. Ask employees what would make their jobs better. They might surprise you!
  5. Let people know they are trusted and respected.
  6. Allow them to use their strengths, and encourage growth.

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