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‘100-Year’ Floods Can Now Occur Every Year

New maps developed by researchers at Princeton University.
‘100-Year’ Floods Can Now Occur Every Year
September 3, 2019

Researchers at Princeton University have developed new maps that predict coastal flooding for every county on the Eastern and Gulf Coasts, finding that 100-year floods could occur annually in New England and every one-to-30 years along the southeast Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico shorelines.

“The historical 100-year floods may change to one-year floods in Northern coastal towns in the U.S.,” said Ning Lin, associate professor of civil and environmental engineering at Princeton.

The study’s predictions are different than what else is currently available. For example, the new maps use the latest climate science to look at how tropical storms will change in the future instead of what they are right now, or even looking backwards at previous storms, as federal disaster officials do to build their flood maps. These data, in turn, are integrated with sea level analysis.

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