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U.S. House to Vote On ‘Cadillac Tax’ Repeal, a PIA Priority

(7/15/2019) A major legislative priority of PIA will get a vote. full story

NOAA: It No Longer Takes a Big Storm to Produce Flooding

(7/15/2019) High tide flooding in coastal communities, absent storms, increase because of a rise in sea levels. full story

Interest in Earthquake Insurance Is Up

(7/15/2019) Following two big quakes in California. full story

Court Rules Ohio’s Ban on Soliciting Workers Comp Clients is Unconstitutional

(7/15/2019) A federal appeals court ruling. full story

NFIP Kicks Off 2019 Hurricane Season Campaign

(7/15/2019) The focus this hurricane season is on how flood insurance protects the policyholder’s home and their savings. full story

Speak Confidently With Your Clients About Cyber Insurance

(7/15/2019) Gain the knowledge you need about the seven most common cyber risks. full story

Need a C/L and P/L Comparative Rater for Your Agency?

(7/15/2019) PIA Market Access offers more than just market access. full story

PIA Webinar Spotlight

(7/15/2019) AVYST eForms Wizard full story

Latest from the PIA Advocacy blog

(7/15/2019) Your one-stop shop for timely updates on what’s happening. full story

New Orleans Dodges a Bullet with Barry

(7/14/2019) City escapes catastrophic storm surges. full story

Nominations for PIA National Awards Now Being Accepted

(7/09/2019) For four prestigious national awards. full story

Perpetuation Column: the Dangers of Perpetual Succession Planning

(7/09/2019) The third in a regular series of articles. full story

Epic Downpour Floods D.C. Region

(7/09/2019) A month’s worth of rain fell in a single hour. full story

As Floods Keep Coming, Cities Pay Residents to Move

(7/09/2019) Some cities offer buyouts on properties that repeatedly flood. full story

Officials Warn of Genetic Testing Scams

(7/09/2019) Fraud schemes involving genetic testing are going on across the country. full story

Latest from the PIA Advocacy blog

(7/09/2019) Your one-stop shop for timely updates. full story

PIA Webinar Spotlight

(7/09/2019) PIA Market Access – July 16, 3 PM ET full story

Looking for a New Home for Your Book of Business?

(7/09/2019) PIA Market Access may be the solution for you. full story

Support for Windows 7 to End

(7/09/2019) On January 14, 2020. full story

Got Earthquake Insurance?

(7/09/2019) More than 40 percent of U.S. small businesses do not reopen after a disaster impacts them. full story