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ACORD Webinar on E-signatures Available

On April 17, 2013, PIA National Representative to ACORD & ACORD E-Signature Working Group (WG) Chair Keith Savino (NJ) and several other ACORD and industry leaders spoke on the importance of E-signatures in insurance. Click here to view ACORD's E-signature webinar.

More and more, e-format is the way "signature" needs in insurance/insurance related documents is going. In representing multi-carriers, it is very important to PIA agencies that the industry adopts common standards and procedures that share common meanings, practices and protocols. This is in addition to PIA agencies' (their customers and carriers) need for a secure and legally vetted/accepted system.

This is why PIA participated in this project. Keith Savino is the PIA National representative to ACORD and serves as chair of ACORD's E-Signature WG. Keith also serves as chair of PIA National Business Issues Committee's (BIC) Technology/Technical WG. The BIC WG members suggest several quality resources for PIA members to access:

  • July 2012 ACORD White Paper that summarizes this issue from the perspective of our agency members/industry.
  • Electronic Signature in Global and National Commerce — provides a more detailed look at how E-signatures is moving through US Commerce (as a whole) and coordinating with global demands. As we know, "signature" needs related to insurance transactions many times requires the related/attached "commerce" forms and documents to be attached to insurance ones.
    • This document also lists several other resources to include the NCOIL website that lists and updates E-signature for commerce's progress across the country.

This is why PIA participated in this webinar on E-signatures and has been posting resources for your reference.

Click here to view further ACORD resource articles on E-signatures