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DocIT for Agents — a Traffic Violation Reporting Tool

Thank you to our PIA members who participate in DocIT for Agents. DocIT for Agents is currently reviewing their web portal, and while they are doing this, they are not accepting new clients.


DocIT for Agents will change how you sell auto insurance!

PIA members across America are discovering the many advantages of using DocIT for Agents, one of PIA’s newest member-only services. Using DocIT for Agents’ driver violation information, PIA members can help applicants for auto insurance policies recall their motor vehicle violations early in the quoting process, find undisclosed drivers in a household, and better place drivers with the right auto insurance carrier earlier in the quoting process. As a result, agents are saving time quoting auto insurance, reducing MVR chargeback fees from carriers and other MVR costs, and making auto insurance sales more profitable for their agency.

What Is DocIT for Agents?

DocIT for Agents is an online service that contains violation information on drivers sourced directly from court records (not the MVR). When referenced early in the applicant conversation, this information leads to a more accurate initial quote which greatly improves the customer experience. In addition, MVR expenses are reduced for those applicants who might otherwise drop after the policy is bound due to a subsequent premium increase when additional violations are discovered later in the process. These traffic violation reports are available to PIA members for as little as 75¢ per transaction.

DocIT for Agents 60-day Trial

Because this service is so revolutionary, you may be hesitant to lock in to a 12 month agreement. To help PIA members try this new service, we worked with our friends at Drivers History to create a no-risk 60-day trial. Sign up for a 60 day trial period before locking into a 1 year subscription. Just let Drivers History know before the end of the first month if you decide to cancel. All you will owe is the standard rate for 1 month of DocIT for Agents service ($50 minimum).*

Questions/Get Started:

Contact Erin Reilly at Drivers History at 609.472.8721 or

DocIT for Agents is available exclusively to PIA members and is not available in all states.

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How Can Agents Use DocIT for Agents?

At Initial Conversation: Agents can reference the information provided by DocIT for Agents early in the conversation to help prompt an applicant’s recollection of traffic violations.

Get It Right the First Time: With a more accurate recollection, agents ensure prospective clients are priced properly and placed with the right insurance company given their risk profile early on, at the initial quote. As a result, applicants with violations may self-select out earlier in the quoting process, reducing time spent on non-buying customers.

Improve Customer Experience: With DocIT for Agents you will reduce the occurrence of rate changes on subsequent quotes, thereby improving the overall customer experience.

Discover Violations for Additional Drivers in Household: Using DocIT for Agents you can discover undisclosed household members who have a violation history.

Reduce MVR Expenses: DocIT for Agents can help your agency experience fewer carrier chargebacks for MVRs that can result when carriers quote but do not write auto policies. If your agency has been pulling MVRs to better know your auto insurance applicants, using DocIT for Agents can be a more cost effective alternative.