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Consumer Brochures for Your Clients

Answer Clients' Questions With Professional Brochures From PIA

PIA has created a series of nine consumer information brochures designed to help you answer your clients' questions about insurance - what it is, what it does, and how you can help them make informed choices.

Titles/Copy/Cover Photos

Use the links below to open Word files showing the text and front cover photo of each brochure. Each file contains text in both English and Spanish, although the brochures currently sold by PIA are just the English versions.

Auto Insurance
Careers in Insurance
Choosing a Professional Insurance Agent
Homeowners Insurance
Natural Disasters
New Insurance Buyers
Please God, I'm Only 17
Protecting Your Property
Workers Comp

General Information/Order Form

Brochures are two-colors, printed on glossy, 8.5"x11" paper and folded twice so that they fit in standard tri-fold brochure stands and #10 envelopes. (Protecting Your Property is the same size folded but with 3 folds.) Each brochure has space on the back cover for you to add your agency name, address and telephone number.

Individual titles are sold in packets of 100 brochures. Each packet contains one title and costs $20 including shipping (plus tax in VA). Completed order forms can be sent via fax or mail and payments can be made with a check, Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

Download an order form. (PDF)

Question? Please contact Darold Kerns at (703) 518-1348 or