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Agent to Agent: Effectively Using Links When Tweeting for the Insurance Industry

By Bob Putnam
The Putnam Agency

One of the most effective ways to engage followers on Twitter is to tweet out interesting and useful content that has a relevant link attached to it. However, it is important to be careful when you are tweeting links from your agency’s account, as you want to remain unbiased, yet helpful, in the content you tweet. Here are some useful facts, tips, and guidelines for utilizing links on Twitter.

  • Have some diversity. When tweeting out links, be sure to not always be tweeting essentially the same thing. Make the products and services you link to interesting, different, helpful, and relevant to your business. Of course, it is useful to get on a schedule (e.g. “Insurance Tips on Tuesdays,” “Featured News Fridays,” etc.), so utilize that to your advantage.
  • Use reputable sources. Engage with your followers on Twitter by reaching them in the community to which you are marketing — this can include linking local news articles that are relevant to your brand, as well as links to area events and goings-on. Make sure the links you post are relevant and use sources that are legitimate, not spammy.
  • Link to your own site. Twitter is a great tool to grow your own brand, so don’t be afraid to tweet new products and services your agency is offering, as well as new blog posts when they are posted. By utilizing your Twitter to reach your followers in an interesting, “bite-sized” way, you can also be growing your customer base!

Spending just a few characters — out of your allotted 140-character limit — on an attached link can help you greatly when growing your agency’s brand. Look for opportunities to tweet engaging, relevant content with helpful links, and you’re on your way to a larger and more effective social media reach!

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