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Agent to Agent: What Is Instagram Video?

By Ed Gillman
Gillman Insurance

Nielsen reports that more than half of Americans have a profile on a social networking site. Considering that number is only increasing, coupled with the fact that new social media networks take the Internet by storm frequently, we have a question for you: Is your brand staying ahead of the curve?

Facebook is the social network that has the greatest impact on purchase behavior of consumers – 47% of users say so. When Instagram, a photo editing and sharing social network began to increase in popularity, the social media giant that is Facebook made the decision to purchase it; thus, increasing their impact on consumers. And when social networks such as Vine tried to infiltrate the market with a social network based on video, Facebook and Instagram responded with: Instagram Video.

As an insurance agency in the modern world dealing with this type of consumer, you want to be sure you are knowledgeable of these types of changes, and taking advantage of the marketing capabilities they have for your brand.

  • Instagram video allows users to create short clips – as long as 15 seconds and post them to their social profile
  • All Instagram posts can be shared on the various other social networks as well
  • Users can “like” and comment on posts
  • Instagram has one difference from Vine: it has filters built specifically for video – this is a spin-off of their success in doing so for photos

Is insurance recordable? We say yes!

We have some ideas that can help get you started using the video capability of Instagram.

  1. Capture your agents doing what they do best: servicing your customers. Whether it is on the phone, on the web or in person, capture them in their element.
  2. At your agency’s next community event, bust out the Smart Phone and record the highlights. This is great for your agency’s brand!
  3. Are you offering a new product or service? Use the video to tease it with “sneak peaks”
  4. Above all – BE CREATIVE.

How will your agency capture what you do on video? We leave the camera in your hands.

Ed Gillman is the Lead Problem Solver at Gillman Insurance, a Georgia-based insurance agency specializing in homeowners insurance, auto insurance, business insurance, and nonprofit insurance.