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A Message From PIA's President

February 2019


Threats and opportunities may seem like they are polar opposites, but they can have a lot in common. Opportunities may at first manifest themselves as threats—to our businesses, our professions, even our way of life. Our imaginations run wild thinking how a disruptive force could endanger all we’ve worked to achieve.

But then, as we start looking inside these perceived threats, we discover hidden opportunities that others may have missed while they were being concerned about getting disrupted.

Technology has always been a big plus for independent insurance agents, and it always will be. From the earliest days of automation (which seem so quaint now), technology has improved the businesses of agents who have embraced it, mastered it and used it to succeed.

PIA National has just announced the 2019 PIA InsureTech Showcase. It will take place on April 2, 2019 in Crystal City, Virginia. It will be moderated by my friend Bill Hartnett, who spent 18 years with Microsoft heading up its vertical marketing for the banking, insurance and capital markets sectors. Previously, Hartnett was an agent and broker who ran a family agency which is still thriving in Rhode Island, and was a PIA national director and board member from Rhode Island.

The 2019 PIA InsureTech Showcase will provide a unique opportunity for innovators to showcase practical applications for emerging technologies that can specifically help independent agents succeed, not focused on disruption but empowerment.

The technology exists today to empower agents to better serve their clients, in real time. The goal is to create enhanced opportunities for independent agencies by expanding our business and consumer experience solutions. Agents need to embrace these innovations.

Keith A. Savino