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A Message From PIA's President

Dennis Kuhnke

October 2019


It is an honor to serve for a year as President of PIA National.

Being president simply means that I am “One of Five” – the five officers who make up our executive committee. This is the group that governs our association, taking official actions on behalf of the PIA National Board of Directors between regularly scheduled meetings. We all pursue the same goals for success: Myself from Wisconsin, Wayne White from Arkansas, Tony Curti from Michigan, Gerald Hemphill from Virginia and Past president Keith Savino from New Jersey. We work as a team with long term goals we all have agreed upon.

We are helped immeasurable by our ex-officio team members, who strengthen our efforts: Past President Andy Harris, Services Board President Stan Logan, State Executives Society President Cathy Klasi and PIA of Puerto Rico Director Ariel Rivera. Not to be forgotten is our talented and accomplished leader and CEO Mike Becker along with his excellent and hardworking staff. They are always striving to take PIA to new levels of success.

Due to our continued leadership excellence we have a reputation for aggressive advocacy on behalf of our members, along with an unwillingness to compromise away our member’s compensation in pursuit of legislation.

We are resilient and strong because we are a grassroots organization that has never lost sight of its main mission, to advocate for PIA Members.

I have the good fortune of serving as your President, coming on the heels of a string of great leaders and as “One of Five” pledge to continue our legacy of success.

Dennis Kuhnke